SFDA TobaccoProducts Consignment Certification

What You Need To Know To Export To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is the Government authority responsible for the control, regulation and administration of Tobacco Products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. SFDA has published Technical Regulation SFDA FD.60 for Tobacco Products which was enforced from 23 August 2019 to monitor and control these products and to promote and protect public health and safety of the KSA consumers. SFDA is also responsible for monitoring the components and emissions of Tobacco Products, preparing periodic statistical reports, establishment of a database of Importers of Tobacco Products, etc. SFDA also seeks to establish regulations and requirements that limit the proliferation of the use of these products among the KSA consumers.

The following measures have been taken by the SFDA to tighten Tobacco Products control with the General Authority of Customs:

  • Registration of Saudi Importers of Tobacco Products with SFDA
  • Laboratory Registration to conduct Tobacco testing and analysis with SFDA
  • Compliance of Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products with Technical Regulations SFDA FD.60 requirements
  • Ban on the trade and sale of Non-Cigarette Tobacco Products such as Suweika, Shamma (also known as Tambak, Frankincense, Haqqa, Qurha, Saffa, Sa’oot and Kutka).

Exporters/Manufacturers of Tobacco Products are obligated to register such products through their Importers with SFDA in order to export their products to the KSA. Registered Exporters/Manufacturers can then apply to Intertek to obtain the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) which can help in clearance of their product shipments at KSA Customs. Intertek has the necessary infrastructure, competence and expertise to help Exporters of Tobacco Products to comply with SFDA Technical Regulation requirements and to issue the CoC.

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