Routes To Export

How Do I Get a Certificate?

Exporters/Manufacturers of Tobacco Products who have frequent and high volume of exports are advised to undergo Registration/Licensing with Intertek in order to obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC):

  • Verification of the product labeling, packaging, and other necessary markings and physical requirements mandated by SFDA
  • Testing according to the applicable Standard by an accredited and SFDA approved laboratory.
  • Factory Inspection (if applicable)


Export / Importer Contacts Intertek Office

Submit Test Data and Packaging Artwork

No Test Data – Arrange Testing as SFDA approved Laboratories

Factory Inspection, if applicable

Evaluation of Packaging Artwork

Evaluation of Test Reports

Issuance of Statement of Registration (SoR) / Licence

Upon obtaining a Statement of Registration (SoR)/Licence for their products from Intertek, Exporters/Manufacturers of Tobacco Products can easily obtain a CoC for their Registered/Licensed product shipments.


Pre-Verified (Registered / Licensed) exporter Contacts Intertek for CoC Issuance

Submits Shipment Details (RFC) Form

Submits Statement of Registration (SoR)/Licence

Intertek Verifies Registration / Licence and requests additional testing, if required

Selective Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Issuance of CoC

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